Our mission

Macx offers integrated mobile care for (multi) chronic disease(s). The company develops adherence packages, starting from the patient’s point of view. The adherence is based on the patient’s personal health targets : he defines (in concordance with his MD his personal wishes and objectives as to what he wants to achieve upon adhering to the recommended therapy.

These evidence based adherence packages are incorporated into an integrated health care approach including medical, social and comfort services. The patient-customer manages his chronic disease(s) with his personal Health Wallet, as part of a mobile application on his Macx smartscreen (multiscreen accessible by smartphone, tablet, pc and television).

With the customer’s approval via e-informed conscent, all his personal medical fielddata from various sources (ao md, personal testing, POC testing, telemonitoring etc) are structured (HL7, ICD10), collected and stored in his personal Health Wallet.

Macx is the exclusive executive partner of the Health Innovation Group Global (HIGG), a deliberation and policy group of MD’s- and pharmacists professional organizations as well as patientgroups (per chronical disease).

The Macx Service iPhone/iPad

The Macx mobile multiscreen application is presented to the patient-customer as a smartphone/tablet app. The opening screen is split in to quadrants, each one covering a particular type of product/service. Subsequent quadrants address each type of product/service. The order intake level is reached after a maximum of three ‘klicks’ :
  • Food (home delivery, personalized nutrition, diet meals, recipes)
  • Services (home care, roomservice, health care, other)
  • Family & friends (fotophonebook, videoconferencing, entertainment, Macx Service Desk)
  • Health Wallet
  • medical history including MD reports, hospital exit interviews, X rays, personal medical statistics etc
  • diagnosis and therapy including medication schedule and adherence, personal coaching, lifestyle adherence, monitoring, serious gaming etc
  • medical library with validated, patient understandable information regarding disease and treatment
  • cost survey related to the chronic disease’s) and cost saving opportunities (ao the Macx webshop offering discounts related to the level of medication and lifestyle adherence)